No More Worried Man


Pete Seeger has died. My Mother was a big Pete Seeger fan…as a teenager, listening outside her closed bedroom door to her morning guitar practice, I heard a timid rendition of Worried Man over and over and over. I thought she was unbearably weird. Had the word NERD but been invented, it could have explained my tortured existence. Trust me when I say that folk music was not cool then.

Little did I know her qualifications to sing the blues, something she kept well hidden from her darling children. As Pete says here, this song is the whole human race. She understood..”a little bitty hand was waving after me.”

But now in my backward wisdom, I believe the old band is getting back together…Mom was nothing if not determined and persistent in her practice, and it’s paying off…listen…hear them?

For Doris, Johnny and Pete, forever young.


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