Broad In Daylight…or, Invisibility Cloak For Sale


Over a year ago now I had started a blog on another site, but didn’t maintain it long. I couldn’t get it to work because of my technical ineptness. For the same reason, I ask you to bear with me here as I learn this process. I tell you this today because I am not sure that the old blog, called Broad In Daylight, wasn’t a more suitable name for my expression.

A friend mentioned yesterday that this blog doesn’t really seem to “go with it’s name”, and that’s probably true, so far anyway. He also said “I wish you’d just write like you talk to me”, and I considered that to be very sound advise.
One of my goals with this journal is to show you around some of the homes and studios of the many local artists I am privileged to know here in northern Michigan. I have been an accidental artist all my life. I say accidental because I began to draw and paint as a very young child. I don’t know how I got started or what kept me interested, but it had the fringe benefit of meeting other artists who were my early teachers.
I often found myself enchanted when I entered their environments. Artists have the most soulful homes. They aren’t “decorated”, and seldom even neat, but they sure are interesting. Nothing could better illustrate a living environment as a PERSONAL expression than the home of an artist.

Maira Kalman

There is an old adage that says “You cannot work at home, only live at work.” Artists live at work. Any artist will tell you that there is no separation between themselves and their work, or as one friend also says, “Artists live out loud.” This is what I mean by calling myself a broad in daylight…I live out loud. Any one who knows me knows that my life is an open book, that there seems to be no filter between brain and mouth, and that you always know where you stand with me. Years ago a therapist said to me “Learning to live in the moment will never be your problem!”… I don’t think she meant it as a complement, but…
As I am running out of type-able space on this page (talk about metaphors!) let me invite you to return and join me on this exploration. Again, it promises to be colorful in every sense of the word.


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