Maybe I’m Crazy…


Yesterday I thought -again- about starting a new blog, because this one is clearly NOT going to be about interior design…at least not right now. Right now I am in the throes of healing, mentally and emotionally, as well as physically. Right now I am learning to walk again, metaphorically. Right now I am a child again, emotionally.

When I mentioned changing the name of my blog to something more along the lines of the content, my good friend Nadine said, “Maybe you could just do what is easy right now.” Wow! That’s a radical concept…and a recurring theme as I attend The Artist’s Way class I entered into seven weeks ago now. A recurring theme as I spend sleepless nights in pain, unable to get comfortable enough to sleep more than a few minutes at a time.

Maybe I could learn to be a little easier on myself…maybe I can stop making everything so darn hard all the time. In the middle of the night, awake on my back because my hips hurt too much to lay on either side, the voice that often whispers in my sleep said, “How can NOT SICK serve you better?”

Interestingly, this little voice always speaks in funny ways…It didn’t say “How can wellness serve you better?” That would have meant the same thing, but “the voice” doesn’t work that way- it says things in such a weird way as to get my attention…so that I have to think about it.

And so, I began to write my Morning Pages (a daily task in The Artist’s Way), determined to write until the pain and anxiety passed, which it did around 1535 words later! This stuff works. It’s that simple.

And here I write completely pain free and in the moment- in a state of complete peace, relaxation and so very in love with my life…and, no – I haven’t had any drugs!

From the state I sit in here, now, it is obvious that, as Lao Tze said, Easy is right, and Right is easy.

So maybe I’m crazy…but I’m goin’ with easy today. I’m going to be easy with myself, with my precious life. It’s no coincidence I’ve come and I can die when I’m done…Thank You for the reminder, Cee-Lo:


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